2018 iPhones might use LG’s OLED displays, and how we put iOS 12 on an iPhone 5S

Once again, Apple and Samsung make headlines with their constant patent battle — is it finally, finally over? Even if the two mobile heavyweights have finally made amends, some of Apple’s 2018 iPhones might replace their original Samsung screens with LG ones. And, iOS 12 beta, aka that software update we won’t stop talking about, is ready for you to try. Here’s the iPhone news this week.

Apple may cheat on Samsung with LG

Right now, Samsung, specifically Samsung Display, is the sole source of the iPhone X’s OLED displays. But going forward, Apple could also buy some of its OLED screens from LG Display. The Samsung rival will reportedly supply between 2 and 4 million OLED screens for Apple iPhones in 2018. That’s a small number of displays compared to the number of iPhones Apple sells, but bringing LG on board even a little will help Apple back off of Samsung, with which it has an on-and-off toxic relationship.

Samsung and Apple settle in court

Though the rivalry is going strong, Samsung and Apple recently settled a long-time patent dispute. They have been fighting bitterly over smartphone design and functionality patents since 2011, but the war might finally be over.

On Wednesday, the two electronics giants notified a district court that they are going to settle their claims and counterclaims. We’re not sure what the terms of the settlement are, or why the companies chose to quit bickering, but for now there is peace in the tech world.

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