5 innovations and updates we’d want to see in WhatsApp in 2022

5 innovations and updates we’d want to see in WhatsApp in 2022

In 2021, WhatsApp launched a number of new features and enhancements, including those that are quite useful, such as multi-device compatibility and auto-disappearing messages. However, there are several updates that users have requested but have yet to be implemented in the app. When it comes to the sheer number of functionality, it still lags behind competitor messaging programme Telegram. While new updates to WhatsApp are expected in 2022, here are 5 modifications we’d like to see in the popular app.

Support for chat themes
To some extent, WhatsApp allows you to customise your chatting experience. Custom wallpapers and a light and dark theme to match your phone’s theme are included. However, unlike Telegram and Instagram DMs, the app lacks a proper theming option.

More connected devices are supported.
Apart from your primary smartphone, WhatsApp’s multi-device capability currently allows you to link your account to four additional devices. Four can be a limiting number in today’s multi-screen world, since many individuals utilise numerous devices and multiple browsers for different purposes inside those devices.

Additional device support may not be a high focus for WhatsApp, but being able to add more devices will undoubtedly assist many individuals who use several desktops/laptops and browsers for WhatsApp Web.

Accounts that are automatically deleted
Telegram has a neat feature that allows users to set a self-destruct timer on their accounts, which means that if the user doesn’t use the app for a long time, say 6 months, the account will be immediately erased to protect your privacy.

Although WhatsApp allows you to deactivate your account directly from the settings, an automatic feature would be more useful in the event that users lose their phones or SIM cards and are unable to access their account, which may contain critical information.

Notifications should be repeated.
You may miss some of the bundled notifications in the notification panel if you receive several notifications from multiple apps while your phone is away. It’s possible that you’ve received vital communications that you’re not aware of.

Repeating alerts would allow consumers to be notified again at a predetermined time for the same message that they have already received, ensuring that essential communications are not missed.

In the message text box, remove the WhatsApp Pay symbol.
WhatsApp Pay, a UPI-based payment platform that can be a simpler alternative to Google Pay or Paytm, may be a useful tool for individuals who want to make UPI payments without the headaches of going through various menus and features that many UPI payment apps now offer.

The Rupee sign in the ‘Type your message here’ bar, on the other hand, is a superfluous element that tries to get you to use WhatsApp Pay. The dedicated icon becomes a superfluous extra that users cannot get rid of for people who do not use the platform.

Worse, the icon replaces the ‘attach’ icon, which has been there for years and allows users to attach media, location data, and documents. As a result, there are a lot of inadvertent presses. Users could choose whether they want the dedicated WhatsApp Pay button out there or inside the attach menu, where it was initially found, in a superior implementation.

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