Apple to Launch a Foldable iPhone With 8-Inch Flexible OLED Display in 2023: Ming-Chi Kuo

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could release a foldable iPhone with an 8-inch flexible OLED display as early as 2023. The aspect ratio of the foldable iPhone is expected to be 16:9. For quite some time, Apple has been expected to join the foldable smartphone bandwagon. In the past, several schematics and patent filings have surfaced, indicating the existence of a foldable iPhone. However, the Cupertino company has remained silent on the trends, including whether it plans to compete with Samsung and Huawei with a foldable iPhone model anytime soon.

According to Apple Insider, Kuo has predicted that a foldable iPhone would have an 8-inch QHD+ (1,800×3,200 pixels) display, which will have a higher pixel count than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2’s QXGA+ screen.

The aspect ratio of the 8-inch foldable iPhone is said to be ideal 16:9. This is in contrast to the iPhone 12 70,900 and iPhone 12 Pro 110,900 models, which have a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

In 2023, Apple is expected to manufacture between 15 and 20 million units of its foldable iPhone. This is slightly less than a standard iPhone model’s usual output quantity.

According to Kuo, Samsung Display is likely to be a partner in the production of the new iPhone’s foldable display, while Samsung Foundry will handle the display driver ICs. LG Display was previously said to be producing the flexible display panels for Apple’s foldable iPhone.

Apple is reportedly partnering with TPK, a Taipei-based touch solution provider, to sell its silver nanowire touch solution on the foldable iPhone, in addition to Samsung. The HomePod is said to have a silver nanowire touch solution on its top that allows for touch inputs. However, it is unknown if TPK manufactures the solution. However, the Taiwanese company is one of Apple’s partners for allowing 3D Touch on older iPhone models.

For the past few months, Apple is said to have been working on a foldable iPhone. The company appears to have filed patent applications for its foldable concept, which may expand beyond the iPhone family to include its potential iPad lineup. At least two foldable iPhone prototypes are reportedly being tested internally at a Foxconn plant. According to a study from November, the first foldable iPhone could be released in 2022.