Google rolls out blog Compass for Indian bloggers

September 7, 2018

Google is continuous with its concentrate on the Indian market and when introducing minimal versions of its in style apps for the market, the corporate has currently introduced a brand new app dedicated to the Indian bloggers’ community. Called blog Compass, the app is listed on the Google Play Store as ‘exclusive to India’. it’s […]

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Google simply undraped The World’s Most Advanced Quantum Processor out and away

September 5, 2018

Google has raised the lid on its new quantum processor, Bristlecone. The project might play a key role in creating quantum computers “functionally helpful.” Given all the thrill, you may be stunned you do not have your terribly own quantum laptop however. The field of quantum computing – within which a processor handles a spread […]

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Google upgrades its speech genus APIs with improved options

September 4, 2018

Google has updated its Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text genus Apis with a variety of feature enhancements aboard support for additional languages. For many developers, the addition of seventeen new WaveNet-based voices for a range of languages is the highlight of today’s update. WaveNet is Google’s technology that uses machine learning to make a natural-sounding voice once […]

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Android Messages might presently get Google Assistant

August 23, 2018

Google’s memoir for electronic messaging applications has not been a decent one. The company’s Hangouts and Allo haven’t however been precisely bonafide hits within the market. However, golem Messages app is that the one that’s in all probability there in the additional variety of handsets of late. The app is currently obtaining AI integration, per a report. As mentioned by XDA Developers, golem Messages might presently receive Google Assistant in it. The search large has not, however, confirmed it, however, the code found by one in all the developers within the app powerfully hints the approaching integration. The developer was additionally able to run […]

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Patanjali cries conspiracy after Google removes Kimbho from Play Store

August 20, 2018

Patanjali’s messaging app Kimbho was taken down yet again, one day after it went live on Independence Day. The app was launched as a beta trial version with “some shortcomings”. Patanjali’s messaging app Kimbho was taken down yet again, one day after it went live on Independence Day. The app was launched as a beta […]

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Google to give $1 million to help more young blacks, Latinos and women create artificial intelligence

August 10, 2018

OAKLAND — Through connections made at summer camp, high school students Aarvu Gupta and Lili Sun used artificial intelligence to create a drone program that aims to detect wildfires before they spread too far. Rebekah Agwunobi, a rising high school senior, learned enough to nab an internship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, working on […]

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Windows 10’s buggy updates force you to choose between security and stability, says user group

August 4, 2018

Sysadmins aren’t satisfied with the quality of Windows 10 updates. Windows sysadmins are calling on Microsoft to overhaul Windows 10 updates, saying buggy patches are forcing firms to choose between stability and security. The survey was conducted by Susan Bradley, a Microsoft-certified Small Business Server and Security Most Valued Professional who moderates the email […]

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Managed Istio Service Mesh Now Available on Google Cloud Platform

August 2, 2018

The Istio open source technology helps developers connect and manage microservices in distributed cloud environments. Organizations can now run a managed version of the Istio open source project on Google’s cloud platform to connect, monitor and manage microservices. Google, along with IBM and other members of the open source community July 31 announced the release […]

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Google Play Store updates app policy, bans “repetitive content” and cryptomining apps

July 28, 2018

Google has announced a number of changes for the kind of apps and content shown on the Play Store. Apart from banning repetitive content and cryptomining apps, apps aimed at children with adult themes have also been booted. Google has announced a number of changes to the kind of content that developers can make available […]

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Google Cloud partners with GitHub on software development

July 27, 2018

San Francisco, Google has announced a partnership with Microsoft-owned GitHub to make a crucial element of modern software development, Continuous Integration, fast and easy. As part of the new collaboration, GitHub, a major software development platform, is getting connected to Google’s Cloud Build, the com “Together, we will provide fast, frictionless, and convenient Continuous Integration (CI) for any repository […]

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