July 19, 2018

EU regulators hit Google with a record €4.34 billion ($5 billion) antitrust fine on 18 Jul7 for using its Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals. The penalty is nearly double the previous record of €2.4 billion which the US tech company was ordered to pay last year over its online shopping search service. The fine represents just over two […]

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Google Boils Down Water Data for New UN Environment Site

July 18, 2018

Vast quantities of raw satellite imagery and data will be distilled into an online platform showing how water ecosystems have changed, and how countries can manage them to prevent further loss, said Google and the United Nations. Focussing initially on freshwater ecosystems such as rivers and forests, Google will produce geospatial maps and data for a publicly available platform […]

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Next Up, Game Consoles: Is There Anything Google Can’t Do Badly?

July 18, 2018

It’s interesting to compare Google and Amazon — two of the most incredibly powerful companies in the world. Amazon brings out product after product, with more successes than failures. Google largely buys companies and then loses interest in what they do. Amazon is a retailer, and profit is built into its efforts, while Google largely […]

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Google parent ‘graduates’ moonshot projects Loon and Wing

July 12, 2018

Google parent Alphabet announced it was raising the profile of two “moonshot” projects — one for drone delivery and the other for global internet connectivity with balloons. The announcement means that balloon project Loon and drone project Wing will be independent companies within Alphabet — and in theory could be spun off entirely in the […]

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What is Google Duplex?

July 10, 2018

During Google’s annual developer conference, the company previewed Google Duplex. The new technology has caused quite a stir since it was unveiled, making some feel creepy while others debate privacy implications. What is Duplex? Google Duplex is the technology behind a new Google Assistant feature. Duplex is a completely automated system that places calls on your behalf, complete with a natural-sounding […]

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July 7, 2018

Google’s voice-calling Duplex — which lets Artificial Intelligence (AI) mimic a human voice to make appointments and book tables through phone calls — may soon enter call centres assisting humans with customer queries. According to a report in The Information late on 5 July, an unnamed insurance company has shown interest in “Duplex” which could “handle simple and repetitive customer calls” […]

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Google in Talks With Telcos, Others to Increase Public Wi-Fi Deployment

July 5, 2018

Tech giant Google today said it is in discussions with multiple entities, including telecom operators, in India for deployment of public Wi-Fi across the country. Google had collaborated with Railtel in 2015 to deploy free public Wi-Fi at 400 railway stations in India. “We are constantly looking at other areas. We are talking to a […]

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Gmail app developers’ employees might be reading your email

July 4, 2018

Third-party app developers can build services that work with Google’s Gmail, for doing things like helping you find a good shopping deal or manage travel. Some of those developers can read private emails — and have let their employees read them — according to a report Monday by The Wall Street Journal. Specifically, the Journal’s report […]

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Google programme teaches online safety to kids

June 29, 2018

Gurugram: In a world with increasing cases of cyber bullying, fake news and other unsafe practices on the Internet, Google on Thursday concluded a summer educationalprogramme that taught young children how to make use of the Internet in a productive way. “Children are being exposed to technology much earlier than ever before and we believe that these foundational years are the best time to […]

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Google Maps updated with new ‘Explore’ tab, ‘For You’ section

June 28, 2018

Google had announced these new updates for Maps at I/O 2018 conference. Google has now rolled out updates to its “Maps” globally that were introduced in May, including the redesigned ‘Explore’ tab, a new ‘For You’ section with quick recommendations for restaurants and more. With the updates, users would be able to find exactly what […]

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