Cinnamon Desktop Spices Up RoboLinux Raptor

May 23, 2018

RoboLinux is a unique distro that focuses on incorporating Windows versions XP through 10 within a fully functional Linux operating system. You might never need the Stealth VM features that let you easily install and run Microsoft Windows within most any Linux distro. Still, RoboLinux is a topnotch general purpose Linux computing platform that comes with […]

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Google’s Chrome OS gets new app muscle with built-in Linux

May 10, 2018

Developers and schools will love the programming tools they’ll be able to run on Chromebooks now, Google says at its Google I/O show. Good news if you’re a Chrome OS power user: You’ll soon be able to run Linuxsoftware like programming tools, photo editors and word processors on the Google operating system. At its Google I/O show Tuesday, the company announced it’s […]

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Shuttleworth on Ubuntu 18.04: Multicloud Is the New Normal

May 2, 2018

Canonical last week released the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS platform for desktop, server, cloud and Internet of Things use. Its debut followed a two-year development phase that led to innovations in cloud solutions for enterprises, as well as smoother integrations with private and public cloud services, and new tools for container and virtual machine operations. The latest release drives […]

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Microsoft Calls On Linux for Its New IoT Security Platform

April 24, 2018

Microsoft has opted to use its own version of a Linux operating system instead of Windows 10 to drive its new Azure Sphere solution for securely connecting Internet of Things devices. Microsoft introduced Azure Sphere last week at the RSA security conference in San Francisco. Azure Sphere is a platform that connects microcontroller units, or […]

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Bluestar Gives Arch Linux a Celestial Glow

April 9, 2018

Using most any Arch Linux distro usually involves balancing the desire for hands-on control of the operating system from scratch against the attraction of convenient installation and maintenance processes. Bluestar Linux is one of the few Arch distros that gets the balancing act right. Bluestar Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution that features up-to-date packages, an impressive range […]

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Kali Linux Security App Lands in Microsoft Store

March 12, 2018

Kali Linux, a penetration testing app from Offensive Security, became available in the Microsoft Store on Monday. Windows 10 users can download and install the Kali Linux app onto the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Microsoft last summer announced that WSL, which makes it possible to run operating systems like Ubuntu, would become a fully supported […]

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Deepin Desktop Props Up Pardus Linux

March 9, 2018

The Pardus Linux distro offers an inviting computing experience with both old and new options. However, a dual development path narrows its user appeal. Pardus suffers from sharing its personality — splitting its attention between an enterprise edition and acommunity version. While they both share the same distro name, they come from different developer teams. Pardus began […]

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