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Space news daily recap Returning asteroid samples, birth of a black hole and further

occasionally it's hard to flash back that we and everyone we know live on a gemstone that's fleetly moving across an endless and mysterious place that we still know veritably little about — space. From a gamma- shaft burst sweeping across our earth due to the birth of a star to how some stars give a “ warning ” before they explode in a winner, read about it all in our daily space news recap....

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Adding a fitness “Ring” to CGM sensors will revolutionise how users view their health, according to Ultrahuman

A fitness shamus that literally wraps around your cutlet. That’s how the Ultrahuman Ring is imagined — a wearable that can be worn around one’s cutlet and also used to track several health parameters. The Ultrahuman Ring is the Bengaluru- grounded company’s first original tackle product and the alternate immolation from the brand. The Ring is presently over forpre-order on...

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