YouTube TV subscribers will currently pause their memberships

September 8, 2018

San Francisco: Google-owned YouTube can currently enable users to pause their YouTube TV membership from four weeks to 6 months rather than outright cancelling it. “You will cancel or pause your YouTube TV membership at any time. after you cancel or pause your membership, you will still have access to YouTube TV till the top […]

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YouTube tops teen social media choice, as Facebook fades: Survey

June 4, 2018

A survey by US-based Pew Research Centre has shown that YouTube is the most popular social media platform, followed by Instagram and Snapchat. YouTube is dominating social media use among teenagers, as Facebook fades from popularity, according to a new survey. A Pew Research Center survey shows that 85 percent of US teens, ages 13 to 17, […]

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YouTube stars’ fury over algorithm tests

May 29, 2018

Some of YouTube’s most popular stars have criticised the website for “experimenting” with how their videos are delivered to their fans. Unannounced, YouTube started testing an algorithm that changed the order videos appeared in users’ subscription feeds. The experiment came to light when some users complained on social media. One YouTube star said it was […]

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Revamped YouTube Music Aims to Better Appeal to Local Audio Tastes

May 19, 2018

YouTube is hiring music experts across the world to make its revamped music streaming subscription more locally “authentic,” officials at YouTube, a unit of Alphabet’s Google, told Reuters on Friday. Music programmers in countries such as France and Brazil are among the top investments YouTube says it is making to address issues that have left Google […]

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YouTube Music is Google’s latest stab at a Spotify rival

May 17, 2018

YouTube Red is becoming YouTube Premium for $2 more a month, and Google Play Music is disappearing eventually. YouTube is remixing its subscription services, relaunching its Spotify-like rival YouTube Music as a $10-a-month membership mostly devoid of video and recasting the YouTube Red ad-free, paywalled video tier as YouTube Premium. Google Play Music, the other subscription streaming music service from the […]

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Google has started rolling out ‘voice remote’ support for YouTube TV

May 15, 2018

NEW DELHI: Search giant Google has started rolling out a new feature for users who use YouTube TV on their Android devices. The new feature introduced is called as voice remote and it is an incremental update and presently available to some selected users. As reported by Android Police, some YouTube TV users have noticed that their Android Clients […]

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YouTube deletes 5 million videos for content violation

April 25, 2018

YouTube, owned by Alphabet Inc’s Google, deleted about 5 million videos from its platform for content policy violations in last year’s fourth quarter before any viewers saw them, it said in a new report that highlighted its response to pressure to better police its online community. YouTube has been criticized by governments that say it […]

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YouTube releases its first report about how it handles flagged videos and policy violations

April 24, 2018

YouTube  has released its first quarterly Community Guidelines Enforcement Report and launched a Reporting Dashboard that lets users see the status of videos they’ve flagged for review. The inaugural report, which covers the last quarter of 2017, follows up on a promise YouTube made in December to give users more transparency into how it handles abuse and decides what videos will be […]

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YouTube Kids to Get Whitelisted Version That Shows Only Curated Content: Report

April 9, 2018

HIGHLIGHTS Users said to get option to turn of algorithmic recommendations The app will then show videos handpicked for children It whitelisted version may be released in the coming weeks YouTube is said to be planning to release a new version of its YouTube Kids service that gives parents the option to turn off algorithmically recommended videos and […]

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YouTube to Enforce Broad Ban on Gun-Related Videos

March 29, 2018

YouTube this week announced that it will ban videos related to the sale or assembly of firearms, as well as certain gun accessories including bump stocks. The new rules will take effect in April. YouTube is a division of Alphabet-owned Google. Under the new rules, all videos that show how to construct or even repair […]

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