Charlie Bell, a former AWS employee, will lead Microsoft’s cybersecurity operations.

Charlie Bell, a former AWS employee, will lead Microsoft’s cybersecurity operations.

Former Inc cloud leader Charlie Bell has joined Microsoft Corp to handle cybersecurity operations in a newly created job.

In a LinkedIn post, Bell, who will begin as an executive vice president, stated that his responsibilities will include dealing with digital fraud, ransomware assaults, and the public disclosure of private data. Bell’s hiring comes at a time when Microsoft has been heavily criticised for security flaws.

Last week, Microsoft sent an alert to some of its Azure cloud computing clients, warning them that a critical weakness found by security experts might have given hackers access to their data.

Wiz security experts described a database weakness in the Azure cloud platform in late August, which would have allowed one client to change the data of another.

According to Bloomberg News, Bell, who formerly worked to former Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy and managed the technical teams working on AWS’s key software services, will now report directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Bell started his career as a creator of mini-computer software for space shuttle payload mix engineering. After his firm was acquired by Amazon in 1998, he joined the e-commerce behemoth.

Bell stated on LinkedIn, “I’m pleased to join Microsoft to take on one of our time’s greatest issues, leading a newly formed engineering organisation: Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management.”

Bell will begin his new job if “a resolution is reached with his former employer,” according to Bloomberg, citing an email from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

“We’re sensitive to the necessity of working through these difficulties together, as we’ve done when five recent Microsoft leaders moved across town to work for Amazon,” Microsoft spokesperson Frank Shaw said in a statement to Reuters.

A request for comment from Reuters on Bell’s new post was not returned by Amazon.