Commentary: The Future is Tech but where is Singapore’s Engineering and IT Talent?

Commentary: The Future is Tech but where is Singapore’s Engineering and IT Talent?

SINGAPORE: What if I told you there’s one sector in Singapore with fascinating careers and protracted vacancies? If I asked you to guess what degree may land you a job there, what would your answer be?

Did you say a business degree? many folks suppose that provides them the simplest shot at a highly-paid and stable job, and have staked their education on that.

The share of graduates with a business-related degree has inflated since 2008, consistent with the force Ministry’s Labour Force reports, owing significantly to a lot of personal education establishments providing business courses.

But the solution isn’t a business degree. It’s a STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) degree.

And yet, the amount of graduates from STEM disciplines has fallen over an equivalent amount, at the same time as the amount of STEM jobs has surged.

Dyson plans to extend the amount of electronic engineers in Singapore because the company shifts from applied science to computer code and physical science, consistent with corporate executive Jim mountain ash. Grab plans to double its count and house three,000 workers by 2020 in its new One-North headquarters.

A report by Glassdoor in 2018 more highlights however school hiring has outpaced the finance sector’s. there have been four,715 distinctive jobs offered at intervals the finance trade compared to the five,806 open technology roles from Jan to November 2018.

This dwindling range of STEM graduates, not to mention a rising range of STEM roles, is widening the school talent gap in our native market.

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