Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

Coronavirus outbreak can drastically impact the technology road map for 2020

“The outbreak will have a big impact on the expansion of the domestic technology market”, says GlobalData report

The coronavirus outbreak is now entering an important phase with the WHO declaring it as a worldwide health emergency. While the economic impact of the outbreak are going to be hooked in to how long it ultimately lasts, its impact on technology markets across the planet is already starting to come to the fore, says GlobalData, a number one data and analytics company.

Several technology companies, including Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have now imposed travel restrictions to and from China, whereas Google has altogether suspended its office operations in China , Hong Kong and Taiwan.

While the temporary closure of offices in China will certainly have an impression on the merchandise offerings and development initiatives targeted at the domestic audience, the closure of producing plants will have a way larger impact on the merchandise release and therefore the roadmap of those technology giants.

Surely enough, most of those technology giants have their manufacturing hubs in China, and a variety of devices including PC components and peripherals, and consumer devices like iPhones, Echo smart speakers, Xbox and PlayStations are made in China.

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