Dorian – Atlantic Ocean

Dorian – Atlantic Ocean

As cyclone Hellene was upgraded to a class three cyclone on the Saffir-Simpson cyclone scale, NASA’s fleet of satellites were gathering information throughout the day to help weather forecasters and scientists.  At 2:oo pm EDT the National cyclone Center (NHC) announce a supplemental consultative. NHC reports that “extremely dangerous cyclone Hellene poses a big threat to Everglade State and also the northwestern Bahama Islands.  The cyclone Hunter plane finds Hellene is currently a significant cyclone.”

NASA’s international Precipitation activity mission satellite uses its IMERG rule with information from a fleet of satellites to supply international estimates of the precipitation inside the storm each half-hour.  This map is showing the estimates early the morning of August thirty before Hellene changing into a class three storm.

NOAA-NASA’s Suomi NPP satellite uses its complement of instruments aboard to dissect storms and supply data on many various aspects of the cyclone together with storm strength, cloudtop temperature, circulation, and downfall, among others, inside the structure of the storm. following 3 pictures area unit all from the Suomi NPP satellite and its instruments that facilitate scientists work out the intensity of the storm and facilitate predict wherever it’ll ultimately find yourself.

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