Face ID could be jeopardised if the iPhone 13 screen is replaced by a third party, according to a report.

This year, Apple released the iPhone 13 series. The business was able to reduce the size of the Face ID notch. Apple now appears to be making it extremely difficult for iPhone 13 owners to get their screens repaired.

The Apple iPhone 13 disables the Face ID system if the display is replaced by a third-party repair shop, according to an examination by iFixit, a popular DIY and repair YouTube channel.

The Face ID function will not work if the repair is done by an independent repair shop rather than Apple, according to the claim.

“Apple is the only company that has implemented this unparalleled lockdown. It’s something new in the iPhone 13 and difficult to fathom as a security measure, given that the Face ID illuminator is completely distinct from the screen,” iFixit’s Kevin Purdy said in response to the discovery.

Screen repair will become a huge concern for both iPhone 13 consumers and repair shops as a result of this. A Tic Tac-sized chip is stored on the flex cable connecting the screen to the motherboard, which is the cause for this. According to the report, the chip is a new addition to iPhone 13 and there was no such chip on earlier generation iPhones.

Technicians would need a microscope to replace the display of the new iPhones, which could have been done with hand tools earlier. To be able to repair the new iPhone 13 series, local repair companies will have to spend heavily in new equipment.

According to the source, the iPhone 13 screen features a small micro controller that must be linked with the newly upgraded chip in order for Face ID to work. Furthermore, this is reported to be achievable only with the use of a secret software that is only available through Apple-approved repair partners.

Source: indianexpress.com