Facebook admits it tracks your mouse movements: Here’s everything that it knows about you

Facebook admits it tracks your mouse movements: Here’s everything that it knows about you

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Senate earlier in April. Zuckerberg was present to address the concerns of Facebook’s biggest data breach which compromised user information of around 87 million people. Following the testimony, Facebook has now submitted a 222-page document answering all questions in detail about what and how much data it collects.

The document has been broken down with a list of all the important points users should know by Business Insider. The document revealed the usual data collected like the amount of time spent on Facebook and items purchased through the platform.

Business Insider discovered even creepier information like how Facebook distinguishes if a user is a robot or not by recording one’s mouse movements or by keeping a track of your browser activity. A real person would keep fiddling between apps, or even tabs in Google Chrome, unlike a bot.

Facebook also collects information on the devices you use the social media on. These include information like the battery level, connectivity and even the amount of storage left on your device. The company digs further by even knowing the operating system your device is running on, which browser you’re using, file names and browser plugins as well.

It doesn’t end here. Your internet connectivity is also under Facebook’s radar and information like your mobile operator or internet service provider is collected. Facebook even knows your IP address, your cookie data, time zone and the speed of your internet connection.

Facebook’s eyes aren’t limited to the user only as it even tracks connected devices and networks. Facebook monitors the signals of your Bluetooth connection, any nearby Wi-Fi points, and even mobile towers.

Coming down to the device permissions you grant to Facebook, it can allow the company to know information like your location, camera, and gallery which contains photos and videos. For those who sync their mobile numbers with Facebook, it gives the company access to your call logs and messages.

Facebook is also aware of the purchases you make via third-party platforms. If your Facebook is logged into games, apps or other accounts, then yes you’re feeding all this information as well.

Source: hindustantimes.com