Facebook bans second Cambridge psychology quiz app

Facebook bans second Cambridge psychology quiz app

Facebook has illegal the University of Cambridge psychology Centre’s MyPersonality app for sharing information with solely “limited protections in place”.

And it’ll give notice the four million folks that have taken the check the info they shared “may are misused”.

The app was deactivated in 2012 and suspended in could 2108, once a Facebook audit of apps within the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data-abuse scandal.

And its creator has referred to as Facebook’s call to finally ban it currently “odd”.

About four hundred apps were suspended as a results of the audit, that checked out the approach programs that piggy-back on the social network gathered and shared data on its users.

But MyPersonality is simply the second of them to be illegal.

The first was this is often Your Digital Life, Cambridge Analytica’s disputable data-harvesting mental test.

MyPersonality had rebuffed Facebook’s request to audit however it worked, the social network’s head of product partnerships Ime Archibong wrote during a diary.

But the University of Cambridge psychology Centre deputy director David Stillwell, World Health Organization co-created the app in 2007, same it had been “certified” as compliant with Facebook’s terms shortly afterward.

The centre same the info harvested by the app had been employed by researchers in additional than forty five studies revealed in journals.

And Mr Stillwell told TechCrunch that Facebook had familiar for a protracted time however the info had been getting used.

“It is so odd that Facebook ought to suddenly currently profess itself to possess been unaware of the MyPersonality analysis and to believe that the info could are misused ,” he added.