FOIL on Climate Change and Technology Risks

FOIL on Climate Change and Technology Risks

When commenting on his recent appointment because the president of the Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL), senior partner at Plexus Law, Anthony Baker, stated that 2020 is about to be a big year for the forum, its members and therefore the insurance community, as new challenges concerning global climate change and technology come to the fore.

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In recent years, Baker said, FOIL has developed its expertise during a broad sort of sectors and therefore the organisation is now poised to actively engage with, and set the agenda for, topics which are continually increasing in their relevancy, like global climate change and technology.

Between the recent flooding throughout the united kingdom and therefore the wildfires causing widespread devastation throughout Australia, this emphasis on global climate change is becoming increasing critical for the worldwide insurance industry.

Though the discussion goes beyond just the insurance sector in terms of impact, Baker said, when discussing the topic with Insurance Business, there’s no denying that global climate change has an enormous impact on the industry.

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