For Diwali, Instagram has released new stickers and a multi-author storey.

Instagram released three new stickers for Diwali on Monday to urge users to connect with their friends and family.

When users upload stories utilising the stickers, their followers will be able to see them in a Diwali-themed multi-author storey.

“The stickers will be visible from tonight,” the business said in a statement, “and the multi-author tale will be live from tomorrow night.”

These stickers are part of Instagram’s #ShareYourLight global Diwali promotion. They were made with the help of Neethi, a Bengaluru-based illustrator, muralist, and pattern designer.

Simply capture or upload content to a storey and select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar to use the stickers. The three new Diwali themed stickers can now be found in the highlighted section, where they can be placed on a storey.

Instagram previously announced that its Link Sticker functionality in Insta Stories is now available to all users.

All users, regardless of verification status or amount of followers, can now utilise link stickers.

When you capture or upload content to your Story, pick the sticker tool from the top navigation bar to access the functionality.

After selecting the “URL Sticker,” enter the link you want to use and then hit “Done.” You may then place the sticker wherever you want on your Story and tap it to see the other colour options.

The Link sticker will be unavailable to new accounts and accounts who persistently publish hate speech and disinformation, as well as other content that violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines.