For September 2021, the best TWS earphones around Rs 10,000

For September 2021, the best TWS earphones around Rs 10,000

True Wireless Earbuds (TWS) have swiftly grown in popularity among customers hoping for a wireless audio experience in a small package. The market has recently gained a lot of traction, and almost all of the main manufacturers now offer high-quality alternatives at a variety of price ranges.

With so many TWS wireless earphones on the market, it can be difficult for anyone to choose the ideal solution for their needs. We’ve produced a list of the best TWS earbuds available in India for less than Rs 10,000.

The Oppo Enco X comes with a long list of features and is available on Amazon in India for Rs 9,999. The TWS earphones are 52 grammes and measure 12 x 3.7 x 12 cm. The earbuds feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for increased noise cancellation and music quality. On a single charge, the device is supposed to have a battery life of up to 25 hours.

When the case is opened, the earbuds automatically connect to the device of your choice and detach when the case is closed. Both Android and iOS devices are supported by the Oppo Enco X.

The Nothing ear 1 TWS earbuds have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and three High Definition Mics for noise cancellation. The earphones have a one-of-a-kind transparent component. Flipkart is selling the earphones for Rs 5,999. Users can choose between two levels of noise cancellation. The Light Mode blocks out moderate background noise, while the Maximum Mode cancels out noises in excessively noisy environments.

The device’s battery life is stated to be up to 34 hours. The earbuds include an 11.6 mm driver and work with Bluetooth 5.2. IPX4 perspiration and splash protection, as well as in-ear sensing, are included with the earbuds.

The OnePlus Buds Pro are available on Amazon in India for Rs 9,990. The device improves on its predecessor’s excellent sound signature by adding a number of new capabilities. The much-anticipated silicon tips, as well as wireless charging and Adaptive Noise Cancellation, are among the new features (ANC).

The device includes 11mm drivers and LHDC codec compatibility for high-definition audio playback. Active Noise Cancellation is included in the earbuds (ANC). It includes OnePlus Audio ID, which allows you to customise the sound. According to the business, the earphones have a battery life of up to 38 hours on a single charge. The earphones are waterproof to IP55 and include Warp Charge for faster charging.
In India, the Sony WF-XB700 is now available for Rs 7,990. Because the earbuds are part of Sony’s Extra Bass line, you can anticipate powerful, punching bass. The device has a 12mm driver unit and Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility.

The user gets 9 hours of playback time, and another 9 hours with the case. A Type-C port is included with the earbuds. The Sony WF-XB700 is IPX4 rated, which means it can withstand water splashes and sweat. Each bud has buttons that may be used to play, pause, or skip tunes, as well as control the volume. A microphone and a voice assistant are also included.

The item is 51.03 grammes and is 18.49 x 11.71 x 3.51 cm. When used alone, the earbuds are stated to have a battery life of up to 6 hours, and when used with the charging case, they have a battery life of up to 24 hours. Sweat, water, and dust resistance is rated IP55 on the earphones.

A-Series Pixel Buds
Flipkart is selling the Pixel Buds A-Series for Rs 9,999. 12mm dynamic drivers are used in the wireless earphones. Google has a function called Adaptive Sound that adjusts the level depending on your surroundings.