Gmail for Web has been updated with additional features to provide a better user experience.

Gmail for Web has been updated with additional features to provide a better user experience.

Gmail is gaining several new features that will enhance the user experience. Google claimed in a blog post that one of them helps users draught emails more quickly. Users will notice a new right-click menu when engaging with the “To,” “Cc,” and “Bcc” fields, which allows them to quickly read a recipient’s complete name and email, update contact names, copy email addresses, and open a recipient’s information card.

When adding a person outside your company or contacts, you’ll now see Avatar chips for recipients and clearer indicators.
Better visual indicators have also been provided to assist users in composing emails. Each recipient will now have an avatar chip, allowing you to see who has been added to the email.

Google has also made it easier to see who has been added to your recipient list from outside your company. External contacts with whom you’ve already communicated will now be marked in a rich yellow colour in Gmail.

Different domain names within the same company will no longer be identified as “external.” Users from, for example, will not appear to be outside of the organisation if they are added to an email from a user.

“This will enable customers communicating across multiple brands under the same umbrellas or during the process of one firm acquiring another avoid unneeded alerts and confusions,” Google writes.

A checkmark that identifies a recipient who has already been added in the email will now be visible to users. You’ll also notice a grey tone when you hover over or browse among contacts in the dropdown menu, indicating where your mouse or keyboard is. When moving emails between the To, Cc, and Bcc fields, Gmail will now automatically eliminate duplicate information within the same fields.

Gmail will now ensure that email addresses are typed in the correct email format, so they aren’t turned into recipient chips, according to Google. In addition, Gmail will display an error notice to remind users to remedy the problem before sending the email.

The new features for Gmail Web users have already begun to be rolled out by Google. All Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers will be able to use it. Users with personal Google accounts, however, will not be able to use the newly disclosed features, according to the company.