Google Meet now has a Picture-in-Picture option, while Gmail for iOS now has an inbox widget.

A number of changes to Google’s iPhone and iPad productivity apps have been revealed. In a recent blog post, Google announced the release of a new Gmail iOS widget as well as compatibility for Google Meet’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. Google Sheets on iOS will also get shortcut support from the search giant. Everything you need to know is right here.

A new Gmail widget has been added to iOS, which will help users better manage their email. On the home screen of your smartphone, it will display the names of the senders and the subjects of the most recent emails. A compose icon is also highlighted in the widget, which is located on the bottom left side.

The new widget is said to be a replacement for an older version that wasn’t particularly useful because it didn’t provide users information about emails they’d received. It used to display the amount of unread emails in your inbox, a search bar, and shortcuts to various screens inside the programme, such as your email composer and inbox.

Users will be able to rapidly preview recent emails and even compose emails with only one tap in the new version. It’s worth noting that the new features are nearly comparable to those seen in the current Android version. According to 9to5Google, the new iOS widget will be available in Gmail in the coming weeks.

Google has also added Picture-in-Picture capability to its popular video calling tool, Meet, in addition to the new widget. Users will now be able to move between apps on their iOS device while participating in a meeting or any other video conference, thanks to this innovation.

To do so, simply exit the Google Meet app, and your meeting will be shrunk to a little window on your home screen that you can move around. If you need extra space to work on something else, you can resize the meeting window or slide it over to the side. Over the “coming few weeks,” PiP support will be added.



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