Google Search report 2021: Indians ask Google ‘How to make oxygen at home.

The outcomes of Google’s annual report for 2021 are as hilarious as one could expect. This year, searches for coronavirus (Covid-19) and registration for the vaccine in India dominated. Among the cryptocurrency-related topics on the list are ‘How to Buy Dogecoin in India’ and ‘How to Invest in Bitcoin.’

The most popular subject was ‘How to Register for Covid Vaccination.’ This could be due to the fact that India has began its anti-viral vaccine campaign. The second most searched topic was ‘how to download immunisation certificate.’

Users in India, on the other hand, were particularly interested in learning how to make oxygen at home. For example, ‘How to integrate PAN with Aadhaar’ grabbed people’s curiosity.

Here are India’s top 10 ‘How To’ trends for 2021:
How can I get the Covid vaccine?
How to get a copy of your immunisation certificate
How to Boost Your Oxygen Levels
How do I link my PAN to my AADHAAR?
What is the best way to generate oxygen at home?
In India, where can I get dogecoin?
The best way to bake banana bread
How to check the status of an IPO’s allotment How to Invest in Bitcoin
What is the formula for calculating the percentage of marks?

Google publishes a list of the most popular searches in different categories each year. The list shows what Indians were most interested in during the year in terms of news, sports, entertainment, and other topics.