Google to soon bring Apple iPhone X support for its Gmail alternative

Google to soon bring Apple iPhone X support for its Gmail alternative

It has been a few months since the Apple iPhone X has hit the shelves around the globe. The device was the first by Apple to come with a ‘notch’ and the developers were quick enough to make their apps support the new display design. Google, being one of the biggest developers, did make its Gmail support the new display design carried by the iPhone X but it ignored the alternative – Inbox by Google.

However, after months, the search giant has finally said it is working to make Inbox by Google, support the iPhone X. The news came directly from the company itself to Wall Street Journal. The report says that Google plans to update the Gmail alternative ‘soon’. However, the exact date is not yet known.

“Also, this didn’t make the column, but: Inbox for iPhone X is coming. Google says soon. It did a bunch of crazy one-off interface stuff that the X totally broke, and it took way longer to update then Google expected. (Also Gmail is clearly more important.),” tweeted David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal.

The search giant has been focussing a lot on its Gmail service lately. Few days ago, the company revamped the UI of Gmail for all the users across the globe. In addition to this some new features are also there such as Confidential Mode, Offline Support, Nudging feature, option to access the attachment without opening the mail, high priority push notifications, assistive unsubscribe, smart replies, new side panel and much more.

The rollout of the ‘new’ Gmail UI and features has already begun and will be phased over the next few months. The ‘regular’ Gmail users can try the new features under the Settings menu where an option of ‘Try new Gmail’ will be available. However, this too will be phased so if you don’t find it immediately do not panic.