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Gravity Assist: Astronauts Go Back to Moon School, with Kelsey Young

Date: September 1-17, 2010 Location: Flagstaff, AZ Subject: Desert Rats 2010 Operations Photographer: Regan Geeseman

Besides learning the way to sleep in space, astronauts training for Artemis missions to the Moon will got to become experts in geology, in order that they know what to seem for when they’re scoping out rocks and other features. Kelsey Young of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center describes her experience of teaching astronauts through analog sites, places on Earth that resemble parts of the Moon.

Jim Green: Once we attend the Moon, we’re getting to need to do all types of neat science. What quite science can we do and the way can we train the astronauts to urge able to do that? Let’s determine from somebody that’s actually trained astronauts.

Jim Green: Hi, I’m Jim Green, Chief Scientist at NASA, and this is often “Gravity Assist.” This season is all about the Moon.

Jim Green: With me today is Dr. Kelsey Young, a planetary geologist at the Goddard Space Flight Center whose specialty is within the development of handheld instruments for the exploration of Earth, the Moon, and therefore the Mars environment. She also has experience in training of astronauts for future missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Welcome, Kelsey.

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