Have you misplaced your Android phone? Here’s how to deactivate or deactivate your Google Pay and Paytm accounts.

Have you misplaced your Android phone? Here’s how to deactivate or deactivate your Google Pay and Paytm accounts.

There are occasions when you misplace your phone and are concerned that someone might access your information. Even if you use a passcode or a screen lock to secure your Google Pay or Paytm account, you should still take the required precautions to avoid unauthorised access. Let’s have a look at how you can deactivate or block your digital payment accounts remotely.

Paytm: How can I delete my account from all of my devices?
Users of Paytm can easily log out of all of their devices, but they must remember their password and registered mobile number. If you recall that, let’s look at how to log out of all of your Paytm-connected devices.

#Log in to your Paytm account after installing the Paytm app on a secondary device.

#Now, simply tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the screen. Select the “Profile settings” tab from the drop-down menu.

#There are numerous alternatives in this area. Users must first select “Security and Privacy” before selecting “Manage Accounts on All Devices.”

#When you tap it, the app will display a notice asking whether you’re sure you want to log out of all your devices. After that, you can press “Yes” or “No” as needed.

Alternatively, dial “01204456456,” which is Paytm’s customer service number. When you call, you’ll be given numerous alternatives to choose from regarding your problem, and you only need to select “lost phone.” After that, select the option to enter a different phone number, and then type in your forgotten phone number. After that, you can log out of all of your devices.

If you’re not sure whether your Paytm account will be logged out, you can use the above-mentioned way to temporarily disable your account. To block a Paytm account, follow the steps outlined below.

How do I temporarily suspend my Paytm account?
#Users can visit the Paytm website and select ’24/7 help’ after logging out of all devices. After that, pick “Report a Fraud” and choose the appropriate category. Now, go to the Message Us page and submit one proof of account ownership, following which Paytm will double-check your account and block it. If you’re curious, you may send an email or SMS of each Paytm transaction, as well as evidence of phone number ownership and other information.

Do you want to uninstall or disable Google Pay on your lost phone?
The best and easiest way to do this is to wipe all of your data from your Android smartphone remotely. Yes, you read that correctly. You can wipe all of your data from another device using Google. If you lose your phone and are concerned about your data, this is a useful function. Simply go to “android.com/find” and login in to your Google Account to find, lock, or erase the data on your Android phone remotely. After that, you can select Erase data.
Alternatively, customer service can be contacted. Users of Google Pay can call 18004190157 and choose the “other issues” option. You can then choose to speak with a specialist who will assist you with blocking your Google account. You’ll be asked to verify your Google account’s registered cellphone number first.

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