How Infosys is addressing the digital transformation of the workplace

How Infosys is addressing the digital transformation of the workplace

The pandemic has compelled all workplaces throughout the world to undergo a digital makeover. Companies like Infosys must assure productivity and security as work from home (WFH) and hybrid workforce models become the norm.

But how do they deal with the post-pandemic workplace’s new challenges? In an email exchange, Rajesh Varrier, Senior Vice-President and Head of Digital Experience & Microsoft Business at Infosys, said. The responses have been edited and are shown here.

What are the obstacles for organisations like Infosys in ensuring security now that work from home is the norm?

Infosys built policies and processes governing information security and IT infrastructure catering to the organization’s remote workforce much earlier than the pandemic when WFH became the new norm as part of its remote work and work from home (WFH) policy. A thorough examination of the current environment prepared the stage for a simple expansion of infrastructure to meet the increased demands of working from home.

How can businesses increase employee productivity with a hybrid workforce?

Hybrid workplace models aren’t going away anytime soon. Platforms, methods, and regulations will need to continue to accommodate a global workforce that works from a variety of locations in the future. A hybrid workforce can benefit from a number of factors that can help them stay productive at work.

Also, technologies like Infosys Meridian, a Live Enterprise workplace platform that lets firms reimagine experiences in the work-from-anywhere era, and Microsoft Teams, which enable seamless digital collaboration across the hybrid workforce and promote productivity, are being deployed.

Workplace analytics is another important component that will assist organisations gain insights and a real-time pulse on employee productivity and experience so that they may learn and improve their workplace over time.

Conversational AI (Bots / Virtual Assistants) are also expected to play a significant role in offloading and automating some of the more monotonous jobs, as well as providing staff with real-time access to information and knowledge across the organisation, hence increasing productivity.

What has Infosys done to change the workplace?
Before the pandemic, Infosys had begun the digital transformation of the internal workplace by digitising employees’ complete journey from the time they are hired until they leave the company.

It includes “Launchpad” for employee onboarding, “InfyME” for employee services and experience platform, “LEX” for digital learning, and “Meridian” for collaboration and virtual events, which covers the whole “Hire to Retire” employee journey in only four platforms. This greatly aided Infosys in fast adapting to remote working and the new hybrid work style during the epidemic.

Infosys now offers Infosys Knowledge Platforms to our enterprise clients, leveraging our internal transformation experience to deliver a rich digital experience to their workers working anytime, anywhere, on any device. This, combined with our end-to-end digital workplace services for work, workplace, and workforce, helps clients on their way to the future of work.

What are the most pressing workplace issues in the aftermath of a pandemic?

Some of the most significant difficulties we observe in the post-pandemic environment are around…

* Maintaining social capital by changing office spaces into collaboration spaces * Adapting to a gig and skill-based economy * Information security – organisations must ensure sufficient access controls and cyber threat management are enabled to secure sensitive information, assets, and devices.

How is Microsoft assisting Infosys in its workplace transformation?

As previously indicated, Infosys uses products from a variety of partners, including Microsoft technologies and our own custom-built ones. To improve our office experience, we employ a combination of these products. Because we use the Microsoft 365 modern workplace platform, Microsoft technologies are very vital in our office. In addition, we work closely with Microsoft to assist our enterprise clients with their workplace transformation efforts.