How to split bills and expenses with your contacts using Google Pay and Paytm

How to split bills and expenses with your contacts using Google Pay and Paytm

Both Google Pay and Paytm have added a new function that is really useful. When splitting a bill at a restaurant, for a present, or for any other reason, the tool allows users to share the bill with their connections.

The function avoids the need to manually open your calculator software to figure out how much each friend owes, and then have one person pay the main bill while the others receive equal payments. On both Google Pay and Paytm, here’s how you can quickly divide the bill with your buddies.

How to use Google Pay to split a bill
On the main page of Google Pay, tap the “New Payment” button. Users will locate the “New group” option below the ‘Transfer Money’ tab on the following screen. Select this option.

You’ll be taken to a new screen where you may add people to the group to divide the bill with. All of your recent contacts, as well as Google Pay contacts, will be included below. Select the people with whom you want to split the bill.

Users will be able to give the group a name and create it on the next step. You’ll be able to enter the group and see a ‘Split an expense’ button at the bottom once it’s been created.

You can either split the funds evenly or enter a bespoke amount that a certain user must pay after entering an amount to split among the members. You can also uncheck a member of the group if that person does not have to pay for the expense.

After you’ve set the settings, click the ‘Send Request’ button to send the payment request. You may then verify which friends have paid the amount and watch the status of the payment split from the group’s main screen.

How can I split a Paytm bill?
Open the Paytm app and swipe right to the discussions page to split an expense. Look find the ‘Split Bill’ option among the two selections at the bottom.

To access a new page, tap the option to input the amount to be split as well as the contacts with whom you want to share the bill.

On the next page, you may either select ‘Auto-split equally’ or manually adjust the amount each member will pay, after which you can send the request out.

When you tap on the amount on the main group page, you’ll see more information about the split, including who has paid and who hasn’t.



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