How to stop Google from tracking your location on Android

How to stop Google from tracking your location on Android

Google provides a diverse variety of apps that are among the most commonly utilised services on the planet. Users all over the world rely on these apps on a daily basis, from Google Maps to Chrome.

The company’s network of interconnected apps and services collects a lot of personal data about you, including as your search history and the location of your mobile device.

Google uses location data to enhance the user experience on its services, such as giving location-based search results, measuring real-time traffic, and providing location data for your images, among other things.

While Google’s location tracking enhances these services to a great extent, consumers may feel compelled to disable it due to privacy concerns.

You can quickly prevent Google’s tracking of your Android phone if you don’t want it to. Continue reading to learn more.
1. On your Android phone, open the Settings app.

2. On your device, select the “Location” option.

3. Swipe the button to the left to turn off the feature at the top of the page. From ‘On’ to ‘Off,’ it should be changed.

Note: If you turn off the location toggle, all apps on your device will stop sending or receiving location data.

You can also disable Location History by logging into your Google account. By doing so, you may turn off location monitoring for all Google apps and services with a single swipe.

How can I disable Google’s ‘Location History’ feature?
1. Open your device’s Settings app and select “Google.”

2. Select ‘Manage your Google Account’ from the drop-down menu.

3. Go to your account page and select “Privacy & personalization.”

4. Tap “Location History” in the Activity Controls section.
5. Swipe the button to the left to turn off Location History.