In India, the potential of WiFi networks is finally being realised: Report

The 4G network connectivity has upheaved in India, courtesy of the domestic telecom operator Reliance Jio that led to a digital transformation in the country with its debut in 2016. However, a large number of mobile users have switched from Wi-Fi network to 4G, as per OpenSignal report. According to the mobile analytics company, WiFi has not received the same amount of interest in India because of the focus revolving around the evolution of 4G networks. OpenSignal report, however, points out that the Government in India is ‘becoming increasingly turned on to the potential of public Wifi networks.’

The report notes that the government is planning to provide coverage to about 2,50,000 Panchayats and 5000 railway stations within the next two years.

“Wifi networks don’t get the same amount of interest in the subcontinent, as the evolution of telecoms has somewhat skipped the fixed-broadband stage of development and raced straight onto 4G. Nonetheless, there are a significant number of Wifi users in India connecting at home or at work, while publicly-accessible Wifi is becoming more and more important as data use increases,” OpenSignal said in its report. With smartphone penetration growing rapidly, the government initiative to set public WiFi networks seems ‘justified.’

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