Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

Industrial technologies get a big backer with Anzu Partners’ new $190 million fund

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Advances in biology, biochemistry, sensors and automation have the potential to reshape the ways manufacturing in America is completed , and a comparatively new firm called Anzu Partners has just raised $190 million to take a position in companies turning these scientific achievements into new products and services.

Far from Silicon Valley, Anzu is investing in technology companies coming from places as disparate as Durham, Omaha and Santa Fe, additionally to the normal technology hub of Boston and its surrounding area.

“We started in early 2016 with attention on risk capital and early-stage private equity,” says firm managing partner Whitney Haring-Smith. “The majority of the transactions that we do are minority, but there are a subset that are control.”

One of those acquisitions, for the optical electronics equipment manufacturer Axsun Technologies, yielded during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the firm’s early exits when the Massachusetts-based company was sold to Excelitas in a roughly $80 million transaction. The firm saw a minimum of one other exit last year when Siemens bought its portfolio company MultiMechanics in November.

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