Majoring in CS and Mentoring Along the Way

Majoring in CS and Mentoring Along the Way

Editor’s note: Natalie home reserve may be a student at Calif. State University, Fullerton, majoring in applied science. She started a Google igniteCS mentorship program together with her ACM-W chapter, and crystal rectifier the trouble to introduce younger women in her community to the globe of programming.

My journey in applied science began in an exceedingly laptop systems category I took my freshman year of highschool. thanks to the various times I had to compile my program simply to receive a blunder warning, I shortly learned that programming takes a lot of patience and energy. I found myself able to throw the varsity laptop out of the window, however the hours of frustration dissolved away the moment my program worked swimmingly. That moment would become the rationale I selected applied science as my major.

During my school orientation, i used to be told that ladies conjure V-J Day of the engineering field. the reality behind that stunning data point became a reality once I practiced my 1st programming category wherever solely vi ladies registered out of forty. instead of be discouraged, it created Maine excited to represent the potential of girls in engineering and lead Maine to affix the Association for Computing Machinery Committee on ladies (ACM-W) club. Like me, their goal is to extend the amount of ladies in engineering.

After turning into president of ACM-W, my club came upon a program referred to as Google igniteCS wherever teams will receive funding for his or her mentorship program. I knew that this chance would expand the club’s collaboration with the lady Scouts of Orange County, therefore my team quickly applied with high hopes. once we pointed out that our club received funding, all people were joyful and prepared to place this cash toward exposing young ladies to the globe of programming. For consequent few months, the ACM-W hosted 5 events, every of them centered on teaching young ladies scouts the incalculable potentialities committed programming and wherever it will lead.

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