Microsoft’s Andromeda Surface Phone may be cancelled

Barely a few weeks after details about Microsoft’s elusive ‘Andromeda’ device leaked out, it seems like the company may have already cancelled the project. The Andromeda device was tipped to be the mysterious ‘Surface Phone’ that the company has been reportedly working on for years now. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley and The Verge’s Tom Warren report that the phone is no longer a priority at Microsoft. Foley reports that executives recently decided that the Andromeda OS bits are not going to be incorporated into Microsoft’s next Windows 10feature release, which is known as “Redstone 5.” She adds that the reason behind the cancelation is partly because of scheduling and quality. But more so because Microsoft has “no compelling” reason to launch the smartphone in the market, in its current iteration. Warren states that while OEM devices may come, it will not be with the Andromeda OS as it is not yet ready. He notes that the whole project is under review as there is no app ecosystem to support it.

However, it seems like the unannounced device has already found fans. There is a petition that is asking Microsoft to release the Surface/Andromeda Phone. The aim of the petition is to let Microsoft know that there is a demand for the device among the masses. As of writing, the petition garnered 10,057 signatures and Zachary Hinski, the on who started the petition, aims to get 15,000 signatures.

The Andromeda Surface Phone is said to feature a dual-display design and as appeared multiple times in patents. Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with a stylus input, and the device could fold over like a book. Hopefully, the petition will be enough for Microsoft to keep the  Andromeda Surface Phone alive and not cancel it like the ill-fated ‘Mclaren’ smartphone

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