NASA Selects First Commercial Destination Module for International Space Station

NASA Selects First Commercial Destination Module for International Space Station

NASA has selected Axiom Space of Houston to supply a minimum of one habitable commercial module to be attached to the International space platform because the agency continues to open the station for commercial use.

“NASA has once more recognized the diligence , talent, and knowledge of Houstonians as we expand the International space platform and promote commercial opportunities in space,” said Sen. John Cornyn of Texas. “I’m proud Axiom will still repose on Texas’ legacy of leading the state in human space exploration.”

This selection may be a significant step toward enabling the event of independent commercial destinations that meet NASA’s long-terms needs in low-Earth orbit, beyond the lifetime of the space platform , and still foster the expansion of a strong low-Earth orbit economy.

“Today’s announcement is an exciting and welcome breakthrough within the efforts to commercialize low-Earth orbit,” said Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. “This partnership between NASA and Axiom Space – a Houston, Texas original – illustrates how critically important the International space platform is, and can still be, for developing new technologies for low-Earth orbit and beyond, and for continuing America’s leadership in space. Congratulations to Axiom Space on this exciting award – Houston is understood as Space City for a reason, and that i anticipate to the present great Space City company and NASA turning this announcement into reality.”

The element will attach to the space station’s Node 2 forward port to demonstrate its ability to supply products and services and start the transition to a sustainable low-Earth orbit economy during which NASA is one among many purchasers . NASA and Axiom next will begin negotiations on the terms and price of a firm-fixed-price contract with a five-year base performance period and a two-year option.

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