NASA tv to Hide Come Back of Traveller Nick Hague, Crewmates

NASA tv to Hide Come Back of Traveller Nick Hague, Crewmates

NASA cosmonaut and Expedition sixty aircrewman Nick Hague and 2 crewmates on the International artificial satellite area unit regular to conclude their be the orbiting laboratory weekday, Oct. 3.

Live coverage of their come back can begin at 11:45 p.m. EDT weekday, Oct. 2, on National Aeronautics and Space Administration tv and also the agency’s web site.

Hague, Expedition sixty and Soyuz commander Alexey Ovchinin of the Russian area agency Roscosmos, and space travel participant Hazzaa Ali Almansoori of the United Arab Emirates, can shut the hatch to their Soyuz MS-12 ballistic capsule Gregorian calendar month. three and undock from the station. a touch over 3 hours later, a parachute-assisted landing is planned southeast of the remote city of Dzhezkazgan on the Asian country field.

Hague and Ovchinin area unit finishing a 203-day mission, spanning 3,248 orbits of Earth, and a journey of eighty.8 million miles. Hague is finishing his second flight in area totaling 203 days, whereas Ovchinin can have logged 375 days in area on his third flight at the time of landing. Hague associated Ovchinin flew along on an abbreviated mission in Oct 2018, restrict by a technical downside that triggered associate ascent abort minutes when launch. Almansoori is wrapping up associate eight-day be the station that coated 128 orbits of Earth and three.1 million miles.

After landing, the crew can come back by chopper to the recovery area in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, wherever Hague can board a National Aeronautics and Space Administration plane for come back to Houston, and Ovchinin and Almansoori can come back to their coaching base in Star town, Russia.

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