Thu. May 13th, 2021

New Apple patent imagines virtual speakers that can simulate sound from anywhere in the room

Apple has filed patents for the tech in each headphones and MacBook speakers

Apple has just been granted a patent — concerning virtual positioning of audio — that could sooner or later lay the basis for new, more immersive audio applications. It builds on a previous patent Apple filed last month that enabled customers to listen where people are physically located in a room through special headphone tech. Today’s patent does exactly the same thing, but with integrated MacBook speakers.

According to 9to5Mac, it’s a virtual acoustic machine that works by using crosstalk canceling, which makes users experience like sound is coming from a different place than loudspeakers. (Crosstalk, here, refers back to the overlapping sound waves that the ears receive from the left and right channels of a speaker.) The effect, as mentioned by Patently Apple, is to allow audio signals to contain “spatial cues” that let a legitimate be located honestly in a space. The patent turned into originally filed in 2018, in accordance to Patently Apple.

That may be used to beautify a sense of presence — say, for example, while taking note of a sports broadcast. While the business uses of the patent are pretty evident (think better conference calls), there are enjoyment packages to consider: the technology might be implemented to games and tv shows, for example, to make them sense greater immersive. Which way you is probably looking even extra television on your computer one day.

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