New Companies Join Growing Ranks of NASA Partners for Artemis Program

New Companies Join Growing Ranks of NASA Partners for Artemis Program

NASA has superimposed 5 yankee firms to the pool of vendors which will be eligible to bid on proposals to produce deliveries to the surface of the Moon through the agency’s industrial satellite Payload Services (CLPS) initiative.

The additions, that increase the list of CLPS participants on contract to fourteen, expand NASA’s work with U.S. trade to create a robust marketplace to deliver payloads between Earth and therefore the Moon and broaden the network of partnerships which will change the primary girl and next man to line foot on the Moon by 2024 as a part of the agency’s Cynthia program.

“American region firms of all sizes square measure connection the Cynthia program,” aforementioned NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. “Expanding the cluster of firms World Health Organization square measure eligible to bid on causation payloads to the Moon’s surface drives innovation and reduces prices to NASA and yankee taxpayers. we have a tendency to anticipate opportunities to deliver a good vary of science and technology payloads to assist create our vision for satellite exploration a reality and advance our goal of causation humans to explore Mars.”

The selected firms are:

  • Blue Origin, Kent, Washington
  • Ceres AI, Palo Alto, California
  • Sierra American state Corporation, Louisville, Colorado
  • SpaceX, Hawthorne, California
  • Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems Iraqi National Congress., Irvine, California

In July, NASA proclaimed a chance for yankee firms to propose satellite landers that may deliver heavier payloads to the surface of the Moon. These 5 firms, along with 9 firms selected  in Nov 2018, currently square measure eligible to bid on launch and delivery services to the satellite surface. NASA already has awarded contracts to 2 vendors to send as several as fourteen science payloads to the Moon in 2021 and expects to issue extra payload delivery orders.

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