New NASA eBook Reveals Insights of Earth Seen at Night from Space

New NASA eBook Reveals Insights of Earth Seen at Night from Space

Earth has several stories to inform, even within the dark of night. Earth in the dead of night, NASA’s new 200-page ebook, is currently offered on-line and includes over one hundred fifty pictures of our planet darkly as captured from house by Earth-observing satellites and astronauts on the International space platform over the past twenty five years.

The images reveal however human action and natural phenomena illuminate the darkness round the world, depiction the complex structure of cities, wildfires and volcanoes raging, auroras diversion across the polar skies, moonlight reflective off snow and deserts, and different dramatic worldly scenes.

“Earth in the dead of night explores the brilliance of our planet once it’s darkly,” wrote Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission board of directors, within the book’s introduction. “The book could be a compilation of stories depiction the interactions between science and surprise. i’m happy to share this visually beautiful and fascinating exploration of our home planet.”

In addition to the photographs, the book tells however scientists use these observations to check our dynamic  planet and aid call manufacturers in such areas as property energy use and disaster response.

NASA brings along technology, science, and distinctive world Earth observations to produce social edges and strengthen our nation. The agency makes its Earth observations freely and brazenly offered to everybody to be used in developing solutions to big world problems like dynamic  fresh accessibility, food security and human health.

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