Prognos Health Announces Patent-Pending Technology

/PRNewswire/ — NEW YORK, April 6, 2021 — Prognos Health, a leading healthcare analytics software provider, revealed today that its proprietary technology FACTOR LogicTM, which powers the prognosFACTORR platform’s lightning-fast data store, has been granted a patent. The new technology is designed to query billions of data points on 325 million de-identified patients from the Prognos Marketplace and return answers to multivariable queries in under a second, based on more than a decade of experience with patient-centric data.

“We realised we needed a powerful technology solution to solve the specific challenges of big data in healthcare when we set out to launch prognosFACTOR,” said Jason Bhan, M.D., Prognos Health’s chief medical information officer. “We tried a mix of some of the most innovative technologies on the market, but we couldn’t find one that could easily store and query healthcare data in order to achieve the response times we needed. The Prognos team rose to the occasion and generated FACTOR Logic, a system that can immediately generate answers based on individual patient data points. It’s a big move forward for the industry.”

Engineers, data scientists, and clinicians at Prognos conceptualised, designed, and launched FACTOR Logic and the prognosFACTOR platform, led by an agile and creative community. PrognosFACTOR provides a new way to view, handle, and query patient-centric data down to the biomarker level by leveraging the strength and speed of FACTOR Logic.

The patent would cover FACTOR Logic’s ability to partition data for millions of patients, use raw concurrency without a synchronisation mechanism for better efficiency, store information in-memory to provide a pure patient-centric storage mechanism, provide dynamic views of the data, and return query results quickly. Prognos’ commitment to improving the way the company accesses and gains value from healthcare data is reinforced by the patent, which accelerates clinically specific, data-driven decisions.

Concerning Prognos Health Prognos Health is the industry’s leading clinical data and analytics software provider. The prognosFACTORR platform can query billions of fully integrated lab and health records on over 325 million de-identified patients in minutes, not months, to answer or discover key healthcare questions. Directly from the Prognos Marketplace, Prognos facilitates the agile sharing of integrated, patient-centric data between key healthcare stakeholders.Clients and partners benefit from a variety of analytics applications, including cohort design, patient journey research, omnichannel marketing, and more, thanks to the company’s patent-pending technology. Visit for more information. Read the white paper to learn more about FACTOR Logic.