Tuesday, November 28, 2023

ScienceDomain International E-Journal Price or Publication Charge

It is mandatory for  ScienceDomain International authors to purchase the e-JOURNAL issue, where the manuscripts are published. Authors purchase the e-JOURNAL issue to promote wide dissemination of the published papers. As the authors purchase the e-JOURNAL issue, therefore nobody has to pay anything to access the e-JOURNAL over the internet. The journal will be perpetually available over the internet free of cost. Normal e-JOURNAL price of each issue of ScienceDomain International journals is 500 US$.

Discounted E-Journal price (or publication charge): 

This discount offer can not be combined with any other offers.  ScienceDomain International journals do not have submission fees. Manuscripts, under this offer period, will be published if accepted by journal’s strict peer review policy. Only the authors of the accepted manuscripts purchase the E-journal. If any manuscript is rejected during the peer review process, then the authors do not need to purchase the E-journal.

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