Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Technology developed at PNNL can track potentially dangerous radioactive materials

RICHLAND, Wash. — a replacement technology developed and licensed by scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will make sure that radioactive materials don’t stray or fall under the incorrect hands.

Radioactive materials are often utilized in variety of industries, including oil and gas drilling and welding. However, if those materials are misplaced, they will cause significant environmental impacts or maybe be wont to make dirty bombs.

“Having full situational awareness of where these resources are in the least times is extremely important, “ said Kannan Krishnaswami, technology commercialization manager at PNNL. “Any one among these devices within the wrong hands could create a nuclear problem.”

The MSTS, or Mobile Source Transit Security, system consists of detection devices and radiofrequency tags. It can determine when a radiological source moves from where it’s alleged to be, and it also can detect changes in radiation levels, indicating a source has been taken. there’s also a GPS component included.

“For example, an industrial radiological camera gets left, falls off a truck or in some cases has actually been stolen,” said Brian Higgins, the MSTS project manager. “Just from a profitability point of view it’s beneficial for a corporation to be ready to know when a source is missing, but from a national security standpoint also .”

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