Texas Students to Speak with NASA Astronaut Aboard Space Station

Texas Students to Speak with NASA Astronaut Aboard Space Station

Students from Texas can have a chance in the week to speak with a independent agency traveler presently living and dealing aboard the International artificial satellite. The Earth-to-space decision can air survive independent agency tv and also the agency’s web site.

NASA traveler Christina Koch can answer queries from students at Second Baptist faculty at 11:30 a.m. EST Friday, Dec. 13. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, WHO is AN scholarly person of the college, are going to be present.

“I am excited to be connection the scholars at Second Baptist faculty on Fri as they ask traveler Christina Koch from the International artificial satellite. area exploration is one amongst the foremost extraordinary endeavors man will undertake,” aforesaid Cruz. “The next fifty years of area exploration have potential to be even a lot of important  than the last fifty years, that is why it’s necessary for consecutive generation of yankee leaders to interact with the astronauts, scientists, and mathematicians WHO ar presently pioneering the ultimate frontier.”

“Today’s students ar the Artemis Generation. they’ll have the chance to be a part of the mission and witness region exploration like no different generation,” aforesaid independent agency Administrator Jim Bridenstine. “STEM is such an important element of NASA’s work. ennobling tykes to urge involved STEM learning is what independent agency, as a whole, is all concerning.”

The event are going to be control at Second Baptist faculty, 6410 Woodway Dr., Houston. Media inquisitive about covering ought to contact John Card at jcard@second.org or 713-907-7756.

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