Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

The Attack-class Submarine Battery Debate: Science Fiction or Engineering?

In view of Derek Woolner’s warning last month that the Royal Australian Navy’s new Attack-class submarines are going to be noncurrent by the time they’re delivered, it’s time to come back the most galvanic battery question—including what we’re attempting to attain, the implications for submarine style and build programs, the state of the art, and what’s really being delivered.

For any submarine, safety is preponderating. we would like our submariners to return home safely from their patrols. Life is dangerous enough underneath the ocean while not adding to the chance.

A fire terribly} dived submarine will flip it very quickly into a spot. Any planned new style of battery should be able to pass a rigorous safety case to confirm that the risks area unit completely and faithfully alleviated. that may be tough for a chemistry like lithium-ion, that contains its own oxidiser and incorporates a development history of unsatiable fires (for example, the United States Navy Advanced SEAL Delivery System, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, mobile phones and laptops and, a lot of recently, the Russian Losharik disaster).

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