‘The Invisible Network’ Podcast – Episode 13: Pony Express

‘The Invisible Network’ Podcast – Episode 13: Pony Express

It takes simply a flash to send a message from Goddard house Flight Center in belt, Maryland, home of NASA’s close to Earth and house Networks, where I am, to the reaction propulsion Laboratory in metropolis, California, home of NASA’s region Network. I will find a signaling within the independent agency directory and decision them. I may sort Associate in Nursing email. I may send a moment message.

Collaboration between these independent agency centers, some 2,500 miles apart has ne’er been easier. net conferences will be organized inside minutes. ought to Associate in Nursing in-person meeting be necessary, a five-hour flight may take somebody from Goddard to JPL by the shut of business.

In the 1800s although, communications between these centers would are impossibly inefficient. Mail had to be carried by hand to the geographical region. The delivery may take months by ship or as several as twenty five days by stage.

There was one exception, though. It wasn’t as quick as Associate in Nursing email or a telephone, however this delivery system may deliver mail across the continent in a mean of ten days.

The Pony specific, operative from Gregorian calendar month of 1860 to Oct of 1861, had mail carriers on horseback riding at dangerous  speeds. Riders would switch mounts each ten to fifteen miles to relinquish the horses an opportunity. each 75-100 miles, couriers would pass their mochillas, hybrid saddles-slash-mailbags, on to consequent rider in exactly 2 short minutes.

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