The ‘More Like This’ button is coming to Google Photos to help users find similar images: Report

The ‘More Like This’ button is coming to Google Photos to help users find similar images: Report

According to reports, Google Photos is gaining a new feature that allows users to search for similar photographs on the platform. The new ‘More like this’ button in Google Photos is supposed to allow users to search the gallery for comparable photographs from other periods and locations. The new button is said to be sandwiched between the app’s ‘Add to album’ and ‘Move to Archive’ icons. Google has added a ‘Memories’ function to the Google Photos Web edition. Users may now see Memories at the top of their Google Photographs gallery, featuring photos and recent highlights, when they log in from a computer.

According to Android Police, the new ‘More like this’ option on Google Photos was originally spotted by Russian Telegram channel Google News. According to the article, users may simply find a specific photo with the new feature. If you have the feature turned on in Google Photos, tapping the ‘More like this’ button from the three-dot menu at the upper right of a photo will start scanning it. It will then search your Google Photos library for a similar set of photographs. The tool is believed to scan similar photographs using Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

According to the article, Google Photographs will also allow users to search for photos that meet their criteria using filters. Users can apply filters based on their age, location, or what’s in the picture. Furthermore, the new tool is reported to include a variety of sorting choices, such as destinations such as parks, schools, automobiles, food, animals, and more, to help narrow down the search.

Memories on Google Photos for Web began rolling out in October, as previously stated. It will present a selected collection of slideshows made out of the user’s old and new photos. Users can also choose to hide images of specific people or time periods from appearing in Memories.