The Top Technology Companies

The Top Technology Companies

Ever heard of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the $52 billion biotech company? How about Jabil Circuit, the $5 billion electronics manufacturing company? Or Computer Sciences, the $10 billion IT provider?

With more than $13 billion in revenue each, these companies are all ranked higher in this year’s Fortune 500 than consumer tech companies (and household names) like Facebook (No. 242) and Priceline Group (No. 339). Sure, the top tech companies in the Fortune 500 include plenty that you would expect: Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. But it also includes many you wouldn’t: Micron Technologies, Western Digital, and Texas Instruments.

There are lessons here. First: The top tech companies in the Fortune 500, some known for triumphs in another era, still make a lot of money as diversified companies. Second: That the top of the list need not necessary reflect a major technological shift impacting the business world. Consider Uber; at a $50 billion valuation, the on-demand taxi company is more valuable than at least 70% of the Fortune500. But it’s not included in our iconic ranking because it’s privately held. (You’ll have to check out Fortune‘s Unicorn List for Uber’s cameo.) Like many well-funded startups, it’s in no hurry to executive an IPO—even with reports of billions of dollars in revenue that would likely place it on the Fortune500.

That’s not to say that innovation isn’t making an impact. The semiconductor industry, represented by eight Fortune 500 companies, is in a period of consolidation. The enterprise technology sector is shifting as cloud-based business models fall into favor. And the largest companies on the list—Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft—are holding tight by riding many or all of these trends at once.

Without further ado, here are this year’s top 20 Fortune 500 technology companies.

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