These New NASA UAV Designs Could Take Your Tech to the Next Level

These New NASA UAV Designs Could Take Your Tech to the Next Level

Taking to the sky is what NASA does best—and we would like to assist entrepreneurs and businesses flee too! We are offering drone design improvements which will help create subsequent wave of advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). But, before you dive into our technology portfolio, inspect the subsequent technologies available for licensing to assist you get a pity new capabilities we will assist you unlock.

Cut wing weight to stay drones flying longer

When it involves takeoff, lighter is best. Enter this NASA tool which will be used with a good range of fiber optic sensing systems that’s enabling the next-generation of flexible aircraft wings. This tech can help build stronger, lighter drones which will spend longer within the air doing work because of its increased fuel efficiency.

Keep UAV swarms within the air despite a broken drone

In the past, if one drone went down, the whole swarm might be in danger for disaster. Inspired by insect colonies, NASA’s self-sacrificing components can save the mission by donating resources from the failing drone before self-destruction, keeping the swarm on task and within the air.

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