Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Toyota to Build ‘City of the Future’ to Test New Technologies

Japanese automaker Toyota has announced plans to make a model “city of the future” to check and develop new technologies.

The project will involve “building an entire city from the bottom up” at the foot of Japan’s Fuji , Toyota said during a statement. the corporate announced the plans during the yearly CES technology show in Las Vegas , Nevada.

Toyota calls the project “Woven City.” it’s meant to be a model for creating “smart cities” round the world. a sensible city is a neighborhood developed with high-speed internet connectivity to link major information and communication systems. These systems – powered by data and sensors – can improve living conditions concerning things like energy, transportation and health.

Experts say smart cities are often designed to greatly cut human-caused pollution, reduce traffic problems and make new uses for internet technology to affect lifestyle.

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