Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

WhatsApp can shut down on These Phones From February Next Year

Whatsapp says iPhone users can would like i0S nine or later, and automaton users should not have versions a pair of.3.7 or older, so as to use Whatsapp.

iPhone users who haven’t upgraded to a new version of the package for long, there’s an additional reason to try and do thus. If WhatsApp is currently active on your iOS 8 device, you may be able to use it solely till February 1, 2020, in line with an update from the moment electronic communication platform. WhatsApp same that users of automaton versions a pair of.3.7 and older can not be able to produce new accounts, nor reverify existing accounts. However, they’re going to be able to continue using WhatsApp till February 1, 2020.

“On iOS 8, you’ll be able to not produce new accounts or reverify existing accounts,” same the update. so iPhone users can need iOS 9 or later to run WhatsApp. “For the simplest expertise, we tend to recommend you employ the most recent version of iOS on the market for your phone,” WhatsApp said. “We don’t expressly prohibit the utilization of jailbroken or unfastened devices. However, because these modifications might have an effect on the practicality of your device, we tend to can’t offer support for devices using modified versions of the iPhone’s package,” it added.

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