WhatsApp is changing its ‘delete for all’ feature again

WhatsApp is changing its ‘delete for all’ feature again

NEW DELHI: Facebook-owned WhatsApp has recently rolled out various new features in order to enhance the user experience. The company has now started rolling out a new feature which will enable the users to again download the deleted media files.

According to WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that tracks changes in WhatsApp’s beta builds, the company has introduced a feature for Android that will enable the users to again download the media file which was accidentally deleted.

The popular instant messenger is now keeping the deleted files on servers which means that the users can again download them if they want. Earlier, WhatsApp used to delete the files from its servers which were deleted by the users. The undownloaded media was deleted after the period of 30 days, while the downloaded media was deleted immediately after the download.

“Recently, WhatsApp has modified this behavior: when a media is successfully downloaded, WhatsApp doesn’t delete it from the server, allowing the users to download it again if the file was accidentally deleted in the path where WhatsApp saves media”, said WABetaInfo.

During the testing of the feature, WABetaInfo discovered that they were able to recover the deleted files of up to two months. The report also adds that even though the files are saved on the server they still come with end -to – end encryption.

This feature will turn out to be quite useful as often we accidentally delete some important files.

Recently, the WhatsApp beta testers reported a mysterious timestamp bug in the messenger. Due to a mysterious bug, the timestamp on the chat window of users is appearing with numbers. For instance, instead of ‘Today’, messages which are exchanged on that day are appearing with “84oday”; instead of ‘Yesterday’ the timestamp is shown as “89esterday” for messages which are exchanged a day before.

However, the company has now rolled out a fix for the same.

Source: gadgetsnow.com