Whatsapp messenger update: How to give annoying group chats a death blow with ‘Send Messages’

WhatsApp group chats are fun and the users can communicate with more than one person at a time but on the other hand, they can be very annoying at times. Sometimes it turns out to be a nuisance and can even be disturbing. To get rid of such situations the Whatsapp messaging app has introduced a new option – ‘Send Messages’ for group chats across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Whatsapp messenger ‘Send Messages’ update will allow the group admins to restrict participants from sending messages to the group. However, the messaging app had been working on this feature for a very long time, and finally, now it has been made available for the users.

The group admin can now change the settings of ‘Send Messages’ by heading over to Group Info and Group Settings. There will be a new option of ‘send messages’ under the group settings. Hitting that will present two options- ‘Only Admins’ and ‘All Participants.’ If you select the Only Admins option, then no participant in the group will be able to send messages going forward. As expected, WhatsApp will notify the participants in the group that the settings have been changed and they won’t be able to send messages anymore in the group.

No limit in modifying the ‘send messages would be available and at any point of time the admin can change the settings back to ‘all participants.’ Whatsapp said that this will reduce the spam messages.

All these features are available with the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android version 2.18.201, iOS version 2.18.70 along with the stable version of Android which will receive these features very soon.

If you are a group admin and want to enable the setting in your phone then open ‘Group Info’ in a group chat and then go to Group Settings > Send Messages and select ‘only admins.’ The Facebook-owned messaging app said that the rollout of ‘send messages’ are fast on iOS and slow on Android, Windows Phone platforms.

Source : zeebiz.com

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