Sat. May 15th, 2021


In what comes across as a stunning revelation, WhatsApp has notified its users that its end-to-end cryptography feature that it safeguards each user’s chats with, doesn’t stay encrypted once secured on Google’s servers.

In Associate in the Nursing update on its list section, WhatsApp additional a note tagged as ‘Important’ that browse, “Media and messages you make a copy is not protected by WhatsApp end-to-end cryptography whereas in Google Drive.”

The update from WhatsApp comes simply days the Facebook-owned app help users that it had smitten a agitate Google that ensures that chat backups can now not be intake into their Google cloud space for storing, starting twelve November.

As noted by the Economic Times in a very report, WhatsApp had processed back in 2017 that knowledge secured and keep on Google Drive isn’t encrypted. however, it absolutely was assumed that WhatsApp had reached an agreement with Google to depart user knowledge encrypted whereas it’s secured on Google Drive.

This would raise more eyebrows on WhatsApp’s end-to-end cryptography feature that has fallen underneath the government’s scanner latterly. The Centre has referred to as on the electronic messaging platform to supply traceability of messages sent on the app to that WhatsApp responded speech communication that the corporate cannot access user messages thanks to end-to-end cryptography.

Experts, however, argue that it’s a feature offered by WhatsApp to confirm users do not lose their chats whereas change devices. Krishna Kothapalli, Associate in Nursing freelance security research worker chatting with Economic Times mentions, “As a WhatsApp user you have got the selection to not backup your knowledge to Google Drive. They (WhatsApp) aren’t forcing you to make a copy. it’s a feature. So, if you trust Google, you’ll change it.”

Looking at it from a privacy purpose of reading though’, you’ll sit back and not be too discomposed as a result of Google at their finish already will write in code files on their servers. however in contrast to WhatsApp, Google additionally ultimately controls the keys for cryptography that they’ll let loose to enforcement authorities on the idea of a warrant.

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